History of the Name Graeme

The name Graeme was said to have come from the surname, Graham, meaning “gravelly homestead” in Old English. The surname, Graham was taken to Scotland sometime around the 12th century by the Norman baron William de Graham.

Graeme was a surname of Graham the meaning of Graeme is similar, meaning “grant’s homestead”, or “farm home”.

Famous People Called Graeme

One of the more famous Scottish men who has taken Graeme as his name is Graeme Pierre Le Saux. Graeme Pierre Le Saux is a retired English professional footballer of French ancestry, he was born in 1968. Some also consider Graeme to mean “gravelly place” which has to do with a place consisting of gravel or stone, or someone with a rough sounding voice.

Popularity of the Name

A rare Scottish name that was not included in the 100 most popular baby boys name in Scotland in 2014 was the name, Graeme. However, the popularity of Graeme has actually risen over the past year by almost three hundred males.  

As of 2016, 1,203 men had the name, Graeme which was higher than the number in 2015. The name seemed to take a rise in the 2000’s and is steadily gaining popularity as it becomes more well known among the Scottish and beyond.

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