Origin Of The Name Gordon

Gordon traditional male name form Scotland. Parents may want to learn a little more about the origins of the name and how the popularity of it has grown over time. This could give them the inspiration that they need to actually understand more about the meaning of Gordon as well. Parents should weigh their options and learn more about the name before they settle on it.

Gordon has been given to a wide variety of people over the years, adding to its overall popularity in a few simple ways. Charles George Gordon made the name popular as his surname, which has helped to build up its reputation as well. This has encouraged the popularity of the name throughout Britain, adding to its overall recognition in a few simple ways.


Gordon was the 318th most popular boy’s name in Scotland in 2012.

Famous People Called Gordon

The name Gordon appears in a few different types of popular media as well as in politics. Gordon Brown was the British Prime Minster from Gliffnock in Scotland after he succeeded Tony Blair. Gordon is also a name of a popular Gin in the UK. Gordon Gekko and Gordon Freeman were characters that have popularized the name to a significant degree as well. This has provided a few spin off characters as well, which have been satirized in different forms of media. Parents may draw inspiration from these characters and help them understand more about how they may develop over time.

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