Origin of Gilroy the Name

The Gilroy name is more common as a surname than as a given name. As a surname, Gilroy took on many forms, including, Mac Elroy, Mac Elree, and Mac Alroy. The first spelling of Gilroy, Michael M’ Gilrey, was recorded in the Ancient Charters of Earldom of Morton in 1376. King Robert 11 ruled Scotland at that time (1371-1390). As a given name, Gilroy is derived from Gilmore.

Meaning of Gilroy 

Gilroy, the last name, comes from Mac, Giolla, and Ruaidh. All together, the Gilroy surname means son of, servant, and redheaded. The meaning of Gilroy as a first name means son of the King’s servant in the Scottish definition.

Popularity of Gilroy

As a first name, Gilroy ranks 39,032 in popularity and is rarely used as a first name. It is difficult to find someone with the first name of Gilroy. Joe Gilroy is a famous football striker from Scotland. Bert Gilmore fought as a middle to light-heavyweight boxer in Scotland from 1933-1950. Paul Gilroy is employed as an English professor at Kings College in London, England.

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