Meaning and Origin of Gillespie

Gillespie is a masculine first name and more commonly these days it is found as a surname. The name is an inspired form of the Gaelic Gille Easbaig which means “bishops’s servant”. The name is also of Scottish and Irish origin and holds the meaning of “servant of the bishop”.

Popularity of the Name Gillespie

Gillespie is not a frequently found name amongst the younger generations in Scotland or Ireland however it is more popular amongstĀ the older generations.

Famous People with the Surname Name

One of the people is Gary Thompson Gillespie. He was born on the 5th of July in the year of 1960. In his prime he was a professional Scottish football defender and played for Liverpool in the 1980’s.

Another famous person with this name is Robert “Bobby” Gillespie. He was also born in June, like Gary, only in 1962. He held the lead singer position in a rock band named Primal Scream. In the middle years of the 1980’s he was a drummer for The Jesus and Mary Chain. He is a Scottish singer and song writer and continues to thrive today. His genres of music are plenty involving, alternative rock, post-punk, indie pop, acid house, dance rock and psychedelic rock.

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