Meaning and Origin of the Name Gibby

The meaning of Gibby comes from the longer versions of the name (Gibby from the Scottish name Gibidh), and it means bright, or noble youth. It is a great name for parents to give their baby boy because of the meaning, and because of how far it goes back, as a surname and beyond. It doesn’t need to be popular in order for people to appreciate it and use it for their son.


It might not surprise most people that the name Gibby was not one of the 100 most popular baby names in Scottland in 2015, but it is a name that every expectant parent should take a second look at. Just because the popularity of Gibby is not so great doesn’t mean that the name doesn’t deserve a chance.

Famous people called Gibby

Others have given their son this name, and Gibby Welch was an American football player, and Gibby Gilbert is an American professional golfer.
Another use of the name Gibby is Gibshill, which is referred to as The Gibby, and is an housing estate in Greenock.

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