The meaning of the name Gavin

Gavin is a popular Celtic name with a strong association with Scotland, however the name was originally a male given name that originates from Gawain which is linked to the Welsh name Gwalchgwn that means means “White Hawk”.

The name Gawain  dates back to the 6th century and the tales of King Arthur, more specifically from a poem called “Sir Fawain and the Green Knight”. Gavin also shares the ancient Italian name, Gavino. Gavino was another noteworthy name back in the 1800’s.


The boy’s name Gavin’s popularity had begun to skyrocket in the USA in the early 1950’s to the present day. In the England and Wales the name recently decreased in popularity. However the name in Scotland was the 282th most popular boy’s name in 2012.

Famous People with the Name Gavin

There are also quite a few notable and successful people that also share the same name. These names are:

Gavin Crawford, who is a comedian and actor, Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of the popular rock band named Bush, Gavin Stephens, who is a Canadian comedian, a writer and actor, and Gavin Strang, who is a politician in the UK, but the most famous Scott with the name Gavin must be Gavin Hastings.

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