Meaning and Origin of the Name Fulton

The Fulton name dates back centuries in Europe. The meaning of Fulton is locational, with the Scottish clan by that name from either Fullerton near Ayr or from Foulertoun near Forfar. There are several variations, such as Fullerton, that appear in medieval manuscripts dating back to 1260.

Famous People with the Name

Not only is this name historical, but it has also been associated with many famous individuals. Fulton Sheen was an American Archbishop who was well known for his sermons rich in both theology and philosophy on television and the radio. In 2002 Sheen’s cause for canonization was opened and he is currently on the path towards sainthood.

Another man booting the popularity of Fulton is Robert Fulton. He was an American engineer responsible for innovating the steamboat and running a successful line in New York state. In America, when you see a town, street or building carrying the Fulton name they are often named after this man.#j-

Currently in Scotland Jay Fulton is continuing to build the popularity of Fulton. Jay is a professional footballer playing for Swansea City from a family of footballers including brothers Dale and Tyler Fulton, father Steve Fulton and grandfather Norrie Fulton.

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