Meaning and Origin

The origin of the name Fraser is not entirely known, and while it doesn’t directly translate into anything, some suggested meanings are: curly hair, forest men and even strawberry.

While the origin is unknown, the feelings that the name evokes are that of strength (of body and character), as well as a respected humbleness. The baby name Fraser is a name that is well suited for a rugged little boy that enjoys the outdoors. Fraser is also a good choice for parents elsewhere in the world that are looking for a more unique name because it is less popular in other regions.


While Americans may know the name Fraser from the hit TV show with the same name, Scots know it as a popular baby name for boys. In fact, in 2012 it was in the top 400 baby names in Scotland, making it just as popular today as it was dating back to the Clan Fraser.

Famous People Called Fraser

The most popular Fraser in Scotland now is Fraser Forster, a goalkeeper for Celtic in the Scottish Premiership club. His athleticism embodies what the name Fraser stands for now and has stood for throughout history.

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