The Name Finlay Comes With Strength

The Scottish name Finlay is typically given to a baby boy by his parents who want their son to understand that his name comes from talented people before him thereby he also can do great things in life.

Meaning and Origin

The meaning of Finlay is derived in the Scottish language from the word fin meaning white hair and lay which stands for warrior. It is this meaning of white haired warrior that gives such distinguished recognition to the name Finlay that it is comes to no surprise how there are several men which carry the Finlay name either as a first name or surname.

With the meaning of Finlay standing out the way that it does the Scottish performers of the arts Finlay Dunn and Ian Hamilton Finlay always come to mind whenever someone hears this great name. That is because these men overcame many obstacles in their day of performing thereby enriching their name whether it is the first or surname of what it overall means. Both the name and meaning of Finlay has grown in such popularity that boys from all over are being given this name as their first name and for those that received it as a surname will typically be given the nickname of Finn By using the name of Finn for someone whose surname is Finlay this is the acknowledgement of the greatness that their name comes with in life.

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