Meaning and Origin of the Name Fergus

The name Fergus is a Gaelic name, that lies historically in both Scottish and Irish lore. The meaning of Fergus is “man of force”, and therefore was known to conjure up images of strength. Steadily over the past decade, the name has fallen in usage since 1997, though it’s likely to rise in popularity yet again.

Used more commonly as a surname, and derived from the name Fergus, is Fergusson, literally meaning “son of Fergus” and those in the West Highlands of Scotland are supposedly descended from Fergus Mor MacErc, a King of Dalriada, one of the first of the Scots from Ireland to settle in Argyll.


Fergus was the 132nd most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics).

People with the Name Fergus

Pop Culture references to the name Fergus can be found in the 1956 Movie “The Court Jester” with the character Fergus, the Ostler (meaning horse handler). Another movie reference is from the “Shrek” franchise, one of his triplets is named Fergus.

Famous People named Fergus are few, but there is Fergus Matthew Andrew Thomson, Scottish Pro Rugby player, and Fergus O’Dowd Irish Fine Gael politician.

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