Popularity of the Celtic Name Evan

The name Evan is a very popular name Scotland. The popularity of Evan is currently ranked ninety-six of all baby boy’s names in Scotland. The name Evan has fluctuated in popularity in the UK over the last century. In 1870 the name was 47th most popular name in the UK, and it dropped down to the 96th place in 1914 and now it is 98th in England but its even more popular in Wales in 2013 in 38th position.

Meaning of Evan

The meaning of Evan translates to “God is gracious”. The Evan name is similar to such names as Ian, Ivan, and John, which all have similar meanings in their respected languages. The meaning of Evan first appeared in Wales with it being derived from the name Lefen. The spelling and translation slowly changed over time as it travelled throughout the rest of the Britannia.

Famous People with the Names

The Evan name is associated with a number of very famous persons. Evan Davis is the English journalist and economist who appears as a presenter on the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’. Evan Peters is an American film and television actor who appeared in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Evan Thomas is an American journals and author who teaches at Princeton University.

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