Meaning and Origin of Euan

The Euan name is one of the most popular boy’s name in Scotland, and also in other Gaelic languages such as Irish. The meaning of Euan has the appropriate meaning of ‘born of the yew’ and is a variant of the name John (from Eoghan).


The name Euan name is divided into two parts when learning to say the Euan pronunciation. The first two letters Eu is pronounced with the ew sound, and some people will spell it Ewan, but most people like the Eu spelling much better. The name can also be spelled Ewen, Euen, Ewhen, and the Irish spelling is Eogan, and the Eo is pronounced yew as in the name of the tree. The Welsh spelling of the name is Iwan.

Since there is not a definite way in which the name Euan is pronounced it would be best to pronounce the name in the way people within the country of where you live pronounce the name Euan. It also depends on how the name is pronounced as to how the name is spelled. Whether there is an, e, a, h or a w, and where those letters are placed within the name will also make a difference in how the name is pronounced.


Euan is a popular name in and it was the 63rd most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Information).

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