Meaning and Origin of the Name Errol

Errol is a masculine name that originated as a surname. It was originally a place name in Scotland. In 1453, Earl of Erroll was created for Sir William Hay in the Peerage of Scotland.

Errol is a Scottish name that means Nobel man and wanderer. Errol is a spelling variation of Earl.

Popularity of the Name

Errol came in 1049th place in popular names for bits born in 2015. Errol reached its highest level in the 1990s. It came close to reaching its 1990s popularity in 2010.

Errol was popular in Scottish literature. J K Rowling named the Weasley owl Errol in her Harry Potter series.

Famous People Called Errol

A famous person from Scotland was an artist named Errol Russel E’tienne. He painted in watercolour, oil and acylic. His work in animation won him an Emmy in Australian television. Not many famous Scottish people are known as Errol.

Most famous Scots have held the name Errol as a title or even the type of dance called the Scottish Highland Dance also known as Earl of Erroll. Harry Thomas William Hay Lord Hay is the most recent person to hold the title of Erroll.

Errol Flynn was a famous Hollywood actor and film staring the in the 1940’s and 50’s.

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