Elliot Name and Meaning

If you’re having a baby soon, you may have considered the name Elliot. While the name is generally familiar, it is still considered somewhat unique, as it was not included in the 100 most popular name for boys in Scotland in 2012, according to Scottish Government Statistics.

The meaning of Elliot is “Jehovah is God,” as the name is the Greek form of Elijah, a Hebrew name. Elliot is also a name of French origin that translates to “believes in God.” According to character analyses about the name, people with the name of Elliot tend to be leaders instead of followers, are especially creative and work with others to achieve harmony.

Famous People

Famous people with the name Elliot include Elliott Gould, an actor who has been working since the 1960s. Gould lives up to his name, as he is creative and plays a number of characters convincingly. Elliot Smith was another notable individual with this distinguished name. The singer and songwriter was known for his indie rock and indie pop creative work as a vocalist and guitar player.

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