Origin of the name Eion

Although not one of the most popular names in Scotland, the name Eoin has been around for many years, originating from medieval times. Like many names, the name Eoin has some history and meaning to it.

Originating from Hebrew, the exact meaning of Eoin is “god is gracious”, and it is normally given to a boy. Eion is a Gaelic form of the name John and is pronounced like the name Owen.


The popularity of Eoin rose in the early 2000s (mostly in the year 2003) in Scotland and was ranked 46th in that country. ┬áIn 2014, the name was the 276th most popular boys’ name in Scotland.

Famous People with the Name

There are many people named Eoin and this even includes very well-known people from various famous spectrum such as sports, entertainment, and politics; the majority of these people come from either Scotland or Ireland. The list of people named Eoin is large ranging from Eoin Bradley, Eoin Cotter, Eoin Kelly and much more.

Pronounce Eoin

Overall the name Eoin is associated with Scottish people but is used all over the world but is pronounced in many different ways and although not popular now many people have it today.In each country, they have their own distinct way of pronouncing things and they actually have a different meaning associated with it.

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