Meaning and Origin of Drummond

The Drummond name derives from the Gaelic word “Drumainn” which means “A ridge”. The meaning of Drummond in Scottish is “At the Ridge”, and in Celtic means “Lives on the hill top”.


Drummond was ranked 1214 in popularity in 2013. Some of the popularity of Drummond comes from some well known people and places accompanied by the name Drummond.

Famous People And Places Associated With The Name Drummond

John Drummond Allison born in 1921 in Caterham, Surrey was an English war poet of the Second World War. He attended Bishop’s Storford college and Queen’s College in Oxford. Read more about John Drummond Allison at wikipedia.

Drummond Castle is in Perthshire, Scotland. The tower house was built in the 15th centery, mansion in the 17th century, and they both rebuilt in the Victorian times. The Drummond castle is well known for its gardens by Historic Scotland. More information reguarding Drummond Castle at wikipedia.

Dugald Drummond born in 1840 in Ardrossan, Ayrshire Scotland was a locomotive engineer. He worked for companies such as North British Railway, Caledonian, and more. Continue learning about Dugald Drummond at wikipedia.

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