Meaning and Origin of the Name Dougal

Dougal it isn’t a very a common name that often can give people trouble when trying to find out what it means. The actual meaning of Dougal is dark stranger and the heritage is Celtic.

The name originate from the Gaelic names Dubhghall, or Dùghall.

Popularity of Dougal

The popularity of Dougal varies depending on where you are in the world as it was very popular in places like Scotland for a period of time but in the United States you hear that name very rarely if at all. In 2014, it was the 680th most popular boys’ name in Scotland.

Famous People with the Name

However there are many people with the name Dougal that have made a name for themselves such as Jimmy Dougal a Scottish international footballer who played as a striker and Dougal Hastings a mountaineer who was born in Edinburgh.

Dougal McGuire was a fictional young and innocent priest in the popular TV series Father Ted played by Ardal O’Hanlon. Another famous Dougal was Dougal the dog from the childrens animation “The Magic Roundabout”

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