Meaning and Origin of the Name Cuddy

Think about giving the name Cuddy to a newborn in a Scottish family. The name has a lot of meaning to those people in Scotland too. Cuddy is typically used as the diminutive form of Cuthbert as a name.

That makes it quite common and recognised throughout Scotland. It is not currently in the top 100 baby boy names in Scotland. The word Cuddy is sometimes also used in Scotland to refer to a donkey.

Oxford Dictionary defines Cuddy as a small room or compartment on a boat. That proves that the word is used in the English language as well. The name Cuthbert has seen widespread usage for these families as well. Anglican Bishops have often had the name Cuthbert during their time. That adds to the meaning of Cuddy for boys. The popularity of Cuddy is debatable, since there are many people with the name.

Famous People Called Cuddy

Paul Cuddy has a familiar name for people throughout the United Kingdom. He is a former footballer who achieved fame and success in his time. The Cuddy Group is also a prominent company that works in the country. They perform demolition services that are required for various reasons. The name is derived from the company’s founder years ago.

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