Origin of Creighton

The name Creighton is one that most definitely gets its origin from Scotland though today sees it more as a popular name in Northern Ireland. The Creighton name is one that is believed to originated from the town of Crichton which is near Edinburgh. It is here where the name is first to have been written as Crectune and was first seen and recorded in 1128. It was seen about 160 years later as Crecton.

As a surname, the name Creighton is certainly a revered one in the border area of Scotland and England and has been known to produce many notable person’s in the history of the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

Meaning of the Name Creighton

The meaning of Creighton has been researched as coming from the Old Welsh word of creic or rock and then the Old Scots word of tun which means farm.


This name was not in the top 1000 baby boys’ names in Scotland in 2014. However, Creighton is more commonly found in Northern Ireland, where in today’s Scotland the variation of the name is usually Crichton or sometimes seen as Crighton.

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