Crayton – Origin and Meaning

Crayton is an interesting name that originates in Scotland. The origin of the name Crayton came from a place known as Creighton. It is a male name derived from this area, near Utloxeter in Staffordshire, which is located in Scotland. Therefore, it is another clear version of Creighton. The Scottish meaning of Crayton is border dweller or boundary settlement. The history of the name Crayton dates back in the 7th Century when it was first recorded as ‘Crectone’ in Exchequer of 1166’s Red Book.

Popularity of Crayton

The name Crayton is related to masculinity in Scotland. Therefore, it is not common among the females. Although the popularity of Crayton among the males in Scotland is not high, some parents still use it to name their baby boys. Naming is an essential aspect in the country. Each name, especially for the boys, has a significant meaning related to it.

Variations of the Name

The name has different variations according to various people. They include the following: Craighton, Crichton, Creighton and even Crighton. However, all of them have similar meanings and are male names. Crighton is one of the common versions of Crayton. It was widely used by parents in 2007 to name their newborn male babies.

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