Meaning and Origin of Craig

Craig is a masculine name and the name has two origins. The first meaning of Craig is a derivative of the Scottish Gaelic word creag, which means rock, and possibly started as a nickname for boys with a steady dependable nature. The second meaning of Craig is from the English word crag, which shares its origin with the Gaelic word. Craig is also a surname in Scotland.


The name Craig was the 154 most popular baby boys name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics.) It is a popular name in the English speaking nations.

Famous People Called Craig

There is a long list of celebrities, actors, and athletes with the named Craig. This includes the Scottish-American Actor Craig Ferguson host from CBS’ The Late Late Show, Craig Charles the English Actor and radio DJ, English Singer Craig David, and Craig Bellamy the Welsh footballer.

Indeed the name Craig has often been the birth name of many famous actors, musicians, politicians, writers, artists, and sportsmen. When the name Craig is not the celebrity’s birth name, it has been adopted by those who wish to market themselves as strong and reliable, such as the British singer Craig Douglas. It is a sturdy powerful name.

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