Origin and Popularity of Corey

The Corey name is one of the most popular Scottish boy’s names with its popular being in the 95th place (in 2013). The popularity of Corey as a name has a lot to do with it being a traditional Scottish name, and it being a name that is commonly passed down through the family. Corey has roots in Scottish heritage, and it is a name that is acceptable for both adults and children. The name Corey is also a girl’s name, and it is a family name that is popular in Scotland.

Meaning of the Name Corey

The meaning of the name Corey loosely translates to “seething pool”. This may refer to a tidal pool, or to a temporary body of water. The meaning of Corey is commonly associated with the German family name Godfrey, which translates to mean “God-Peace”. There are a number alternate spellings of the name Corey. This includes spelling it with a “K”, or adding an extra “R” to the name. Corey is sometimes spelled with two “E”s in place of a “Y”.

Famous People with the Name

There are a number of famous persons named Corey. This includes Corey Scott Feldman who was in the movie “Goonies”, and Corey Nakatani who is an American racing Jockey.

Useful Resources

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