Conall Boy Name Origins and Meaning

Cornall is a boy name that has its origins in Scotland. The name is thought to have been brought to England and Scotland from Irish speakers. It has a Gaelic origin. If you are thinking about giving your child the name Conall, here are a few things you should know about the name.


First, the name Conall will be a unique variation of the original. It was not in the top 100 names used in Scotland in 2015. The low popularity of Conall means that if you use it, you will not have 5 kids turning at the kindergarten when the name is called. Also note that the name is used as a boy name, so it might not be a good idea to name a girl Conall.

Interesting Facts about the name Conall

When giving the name, consider the personality you hope your child will get. The meaning of Conall is ‘strong wolf’. There is an entire legend surrounding a character that went by this name. The name therefore personifies the trait of strength and bravery. The name also has some religious bearing as it is believed that Conall was one of the men that lifted the huge stone that covered the opening to Jesus’ Tomb on the day that he rose from the dead.

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