Origin and Popularity of the name Clyde

The name Clyde may not be the most popular Scottish name for boys (coming in as the 509th most popular name in Scotland in the year 2012 according to census data), but it is still going fairly strong. Taken from a river in Scotland, the Gaelic name is Cluaidh, the meaning of Clyde in Welsh “warm,” but another accurate translation might be “powerful; as if heard from a long way off.”

Famous  People Called Clyde

While Clyde’s popularity might not be on par with other names, it has had its share of famous bearers over the years. Clyde McPhatter, a famous rock and roll and rhythm and blues artist (possibly the most influential artist in these genres in the 1950s and 1960s) is one name that many genre lovers may think of when they hear the name Clyde. Perhaps the most infamous Clyde is Clyde Barrow, one half of the bank-robbing duo of Bonnie and Clyde. Another American Clyde and his partner were eventually gunned down by American law enforcement, but only after they’d managed to capture the imagination of the country along with winning a few hearts despite their brutal crimes and occasionally vicious actions.

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