Meaning and Origin of Christie

Christie is a unisex name. The Scottish meaning of Christie is “son of Christian,” or “son of Christopher”.

Popularity of the Name

In the late 1800’s the name Christie was very popular in the Scottish community. Over the years the popularity of Christie has decreased. In 2013 the name Christie for a boy was ranked number 1214 on the popular names list.

Famous People with the Name

The Christie name has been used on several well-known people. Chris Christie is one of the more well-known people to have the name Christie. Chris Christie is the fifty-fifth Governor of New Jersey. Another well-known person with the name Christie is Tony Christie. Tony Christie is an English singer, musician and actor. Tony Christie is also another very well-known name for the name Christie.

Final Thoughts

It is possible that eventually the name Christie will come back to its higher rank in popular names as the years progress. Possibly someday the name Christie will be as popular as it was in the 1800’s. As people being to look for different names that are more unique the name Christie is sure to pop back up in circulation again.

Useful Resources

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