Meaning and Origin of the Scottish Boy’s Name Charlie

One of the most well known and frequently used names in the world is Charlie. The Scottish Government Statics reported the name Charlie the 12th most popular boy’s name in 2012 and many people from Charlie Sheen to Charlie Chaplin and many others have shared this namesake.

A popular Charlie amongst children is the unforgettable Charlie Brown, from the comic strip “Peanuts”, brought to life by yet another well know Charlie (Charles) Schulz.

Charlie is actually a diminutive (or pet name) of the surname Charles. A diminutive of any given name is a short or affectionate form that often is used only by friends and relatives. Diminutives are sometimes formed by adding a suffix to the original name and the -y/-ie suffix is very common, leading to pet names like Charlie. Although this is such a widely used name throughout Scotland, the exact meaning of Charlie is often disagreed upon within varying groups of people. The most accepted meaning of the name Charlie is “free man” and with so many Charlies out there, ┬áno one would disagree that every “free man” is free to forever continue passing this endearing namesake onto future generations.

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