History of the Scottish Name Chalmers

The Chalmers name is a boys name which originates from France. The Chalmers name was introduced to Scotland after the nine hundreds era. The Chalmers name was not a well received boys name in Scotland for the year of two thousand and thirteen.

The meaning of Chalmers is originally meant to describe a French room. Overtime, the meaning of Chalmers has progressed into more of a common Scottish household boys name. The meaning of Chalmers was once used as a type of roar during battle, which was often times utilized by war generals. When the word Chalmers was being yelled on the battlefield, people came to view the Chalmers battle cry as a beacon of hope during a tough fight.


The popularity of Chalmers likely comes from the Scottish biographical writer Alexander Chalmers, who was born during the month of March in 1759. The popularity of Chalmers may also be on the rise thanks to the inventor James Chalmers, who during the early eighteen hundreds was able to craft the worlds first ever mailing stamp. Yet still, perhaps the popularity of Chalmers comes from a very well known Irish writer of the nineteen century, Patrick R. Chalmers.

In Scotland in 2013, Chalmers was not in the top 500 baby boy’s names.

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