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Top 10 Scottish Boys Names for 2016

Popular Scottish Boys Names in 2016 come from consistent lists of Top Scottish Boys Names in 2016. Scotland is well-known for traditional values including the first names of Scottish born sons. Names of male Scots have been handed down from one generation to the next for centuries. That makes the list very unique as opposed to other countries whose list are ever-changing and more erratic. The National Records of Scotland for the year 2016, documented the number of male birth in that country. They concluded that there were 26,408 births of Scottish males that year. The following list is the most popular Scottish boy names for 2016.

  1. Jack
  2. James
  3. Oliver
  4. Lewis
  5. Logan
  6. Harry
  7. Noah
  8. Leo
  9. Charlie
  10. Alexander

Jack, James, Oliver and Lewis were the top four Scottish boys names. Logan, Harry and Noah consistently and alternately kept the in the ranks of 5th, 6th and 7th most popular Scottish boy names. Followed by Leo, Charlie and Alexander, placing 8th, 9th and 10th in the top 10 most popular Scottish boys names.


Origin and History of the Name Roddy

Roddy is a pet form of the name Roderick. Roddy is a simple Scottish boys name that was not one of the most popular names in 2015 in Scotland.

The popularity of Roddy was never too great, but the name was given to a few notable people. Roddy Doyle was one of those people, and he is an author who will long be remembered for his works, from novels to screenplays. Roddy Radiation is an American musician who is well known, and Roddy Piper was a Canadian wrestler and actor.

Meaning of Roddy

So, even though this is not a popular name, it was used as the first name of a few figures that people recognise. The meaning of Roddy is “famous power” and that is a special meaning.

This name is simple, yet it sounds good when it is spoken. It was used as the first name of a few famous people, and the name Roddy was a meaning that people will like, too. Fans of Roddy Doyle, Roddy Radiation, and Roddy Piper will especially love this unique baby boy name.

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Top Scottish Boys Names in 2015

*Popular Scottish Names for Boys 2015:

Scottish names for boys have changed considerably over the years. For many years baby names were chosen which had a direct connection to Christianity. However, trends in names have changed a great deal.

Top Scottish boys’ names in 2015 are names such as like Oliver, Alexander, Charles and jack. However, out of the names already mentioned it seems the top Scottish baby names for boys are Oliver, Charles, Logan Daniel and Noah. There is always some story behind how a name became so popular. For example, the name Noah of course is biblical and most people know the significance that Noah served throughout biblical times.

Between 2015-2016, the name Cameron gained considerable popularity within Scottish culture. Mason is also gaining popularity among baby boys with Scottish origin. At times, it may seem that first and last names are just about identical or very similar.

Mothers should name their children a name which the will be proud to carry throughout their whole life. Sometimes that is not always the case however, one thing is for sure modern names are here to stay. Popular Scottish names in 2015 for the most part are accepted in any culture or nationality.


Meaning and Origin of the Name Gladstone

It is a name tracing its roots from Biggar, which is a place in Lanarkshire. The meaning of Gladstone is a name from Old English made up of two words “gleoda” which means kite, and “stan” which means, stone. In addition an American version of this name does exist as, Glatshteyn. This version of the name is a take-off of two Yiddish words “glat”, meaning flat, and “shteyn”, meaning stone.

The popularity of Gladstone

Two men with the name Gladstone that have brought honour and stone-like dedication to the name are Sir John Gladstone, first Baronet, and Sir William Gladstone, seventh Baronet.

Sir John Gladstone was a Member of Parliament from 1818 to 1827. In addition, he was a plantation owner before 1833, however, following the United Kingdom’s outlawing slavery Sir Gladstone found himself expelling over 2500 slaves. However, for the losses endured he was able to invoice the Slavery Commission for a mere 106,769 pounds (83 million pounds today’s value); this was the largest payout.

The name Gladstone is surely a name that shows leadership, and such is the case of Sir William Gladstone, 7th Baronet. Sir William Gladstone who saw action in the Royal Navy in World War II and by war’s end achieved the rank of Lieutenant. Sir William Gladstone would become seventh Baronet in 1968 (up on his father’s death), continued to teach until retirement in 1969. Sir William would be eventually knighted in 1999, and in doing so, increasing the popularity of Gladstone name.

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The Popularity and History of Ninian as a name

When a new baby is being expected, the parents will spend a lot of time pondering over what to name him or her when they are born. There are many names that have become popular or are trendy like Cameron or Beckham. However, one name for a boy that is beginning to thrive in popularity is the name Ninian.

Meaning of Ninian

The meaning of Ninian is unknown. However, it’s origin is Celtic, Scottish and Irish. It has also had a Latin form of Niniavus and is very similar to the Welsh Nynniaw.

Popularity of the Name

Ninian was not in the 100 most popular popular baby boys’s name in Scotland in 2014 (latest stats from the Scottish Government).

Famous People with the Name

The most famous was St. Ninian of Galloway who was a Bishop and a missionary to Scotland. He is known to be the first major preacher of the Gospel for those who lived in Britain north of the Wall, which is what Scotland was called back in that day. He was also known to be responsible for many miracles and cures. Therefore, it has a very marvellous and spiritual history name Ninian.

Another famous Ninian was Ninian Edwards a Senator from the state of Illinois.

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Popularity and History of the name Naughton

The Scottish name Naughton did not show up in the top 100 names chart of Scottish boys.

However, the original meaning of Naughton comes from the old Irish and is originally Gaelic. The name Naughton states that the child is a decedent from Nechtan. This was an old Irish clan that was alive and well in the 1300’s. In the early 1600’s, the name arrived in Scotland and meant pure. This meaning comes from the idea that boys named this were of pure blood.

The popularity of Naughton can be seen throughout the new world having multiple cities named after it. There is a Naughton, Ontario; Noughton, Suffolk, and even a Naughton park in England.

The Name Today

Most of the people who have the name in today’s day and age has it as their last name rather than their first. A few of the more notable Naughtons are Kyle Naughton an English footballer who plays for Swansea City, turn of the century playwright Bill Naughton, and popular American actor David Naughton known for his starring role in The American Werewolf in London. Naughton being used as a first name has all but disappeared in the modern naming of boys.

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The Meaning of the Name Gus

The name Gus is a diminutive of the Latin Augustus and predominately associated as a boy’s name. The meaning of Gus is mostly derived from the Latin base which carries the meaning “worthy of respect.” The meaning of Gus can also include “majestic.”

Though generally a nickname, the name Gus is at times given independently. It is also a shortened version of a variety of names including the popular Scottish names Angus and Fergus. Based on Scottish birth statistics from 2013, Angus ranked 85th while Fergus ranked 120th. The name Gus is considered fairly uncommon from a global perspective, though some variants such as Gustav maintain a level of popularity in some countries.

The popularity of Gus as a name depends greatly on which name variant is in use. Some versions such as August and Augustus have tended to be on the rise. Angus has remained fairly stable when it comes to its popularity in Scotland.

Famous People Called Gus

Famous persons with the name include Gus Grissom, Gus Poyet, and Baron Gus O’Donnell.

Another Interesting Fact

Though it would be considered quite rare, Gus at times is used as a girl’s name, normally as a shortened version of the name Augustine

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Meaning and Origin of the Scottish Name Jock

In Scotland, the name Jock is one that is among the most loved boys’ names. The name  Jock is a form of the name John.

The exact meaning of Jock is ‘god is gracious’. Scots have been known to use the surname as one that describes a person who is very athletic and is heavily involved in sports. Jock is also known as being a slang term that people used to describe a Scottish soldier as well.

Alternate forms of the name Jock is Jockie or Jockey.

Popularity of Jock

The name Jock was the 680th most popular boy’s name in Scotland in 2014 according to figures released by the Scottish Government.

Famous People with the Name

The popularity of Jock as a name in Scotland is certainly one that can be tied to some of the famous people who have that as their name. Some famous Scottish men and others from the United Kingdom who have the name are the Open Championship and PGA Championship winning golfer Jock Hutchison, the Australian cricket player who played most of his career in England in Jock Livingston, and the cartoon illustrator Mark Simpson who goes by the one name moniker of Jock.

Other famous sporting starts are included below:
  • Jock Stein, was a Scottish football player and manager. He played for the football team Celtic and Llanelli Town.
  • Jock Cameron was a South African cricket player, who in his day was one of the best wicket keepers in the world

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The Scottish Surname Balfour

The Scottish name Balfour was taken from the barony of the same name and is first found in recorded history in 1304. The spelling of the name has undergone some changes through the centuries, a common occurrence with many names from this time period. Alternate spellings include Balfure and Balfoure as well as a dozen others which have been recorded over time.

Meaning of Balfour

The name has several meanings, typically broken down to mean “village”, “pasture” or “field”. The motto of the Balfour clan is Fordward, or forward, and the family crest is of an arm holding a baton. The clan is autonomous with no clan chief at this time.


Balfour is not a common 1st name and was not in the top 500 Scottish boys’ names in 2013.

People with the Name

There have been numerous notable people with the Balfour surname over time including actors, clergy and scientists. Arthur Balfour was the prime minister of great Britain from 1902 to 1905. The Balfour Declaration of 1926 was named in honour of him. It declared that each country within the British Empire was independent, yet retained an allegiance to the crown.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Gillies

The Gillies name is a boy’s name derived from the Gaelic name Gille Iossa. The meaning of Gillies, and its ancestor, is “servant of Jesus.”

History of the Gillies

“Gille Iossa” was originally a name of a medieval Scottish chief who was also known as Malise mac Gilleain (1235-1300), who was the head of what would become the Maclean clan. His name has been variously rendered as Gille-Iosa, Maulis, Maolisa, mhaoilisa, Maoiliosa, and Gillise MacGillean. Both “Maol” and “Gille” mean “servant of” in Scots Gaelic, while “Iosa” means “Jesus.” “Malise” is an Anglicized version of mac Gilleain’s first name.

Malise assumed leadership of the clan in 1263, when the Scottish-Norwegian War was at its height. He and his clan fought under the command of the Scottish king, Alexander III. At the Battle of Largs, his leadership and bravery so impressed his foes that the Icelandic historian Sturla Þórðarson wrote about him in his account of King Haakon Haakonson, which he finished in the late 1260’s.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Gillies as a first name is low, but it is a relatively common surname or last name. Gillies has five variant forms: Ghilles, Ghillies, Gilles, Gillis, and Gilliss.

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Origin and Popularity of Corey

The Corey name is one of the most popular Scottish boy’s names with its popular being in the 95th place (in 2013). The popularity of Corey as a name has a lot to do with it being a traditional Scottish name, and it being a name that is commonly passed down through the family. Corey has roots in Scottish heritage, and it is a name that is acceptable for both adults and children. The name Corey is also a girl’s name, and it is a family name that is popular in Scotland.

Meaning of the Name Corey

The meaning of the name Corey loosely translates to “seething pool”. This may refer to a tidal pool, or to a temporary body of water. The meaning of Corey is commonly associated with the German family name Godfrey, which translates to mean “God-Peace”. There are a number alternate spellings of the name Corey. This includes spelling it with a “K”, or adding an extra “R” to the name. Corey is sometimes spelled with two “E”s in place of a “Y”.

Famous People with the Name

There are a number of famous persons named Corey. This includes Corey Scott Feldman who was in the movie “Goonies”, and Corey Nakatani who is an American racing Jockey.

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Meaning and Origin of Roy

The origin of the meaning of Roy has Celtic roots, and it refers to “red-haired” or “ruddy”. The French meaning of Roy is “king” and “regal”.


Roy was the 847th most popular baby name in Scotland in 2013. In America during the 1950’s, the popularity of Roy ranked number 63, but that number slowly dropped. In the year 1991, it ranked 254; in 2006 it ranked 458, and the most current statistic, from 2013, has the popularity of Roy holding steady at 524.


Variations of the Roy name include:

  • Gilroy (Gaelic)
  • Conroy (English)
  • Leroy (Dutch English)
  • Loe (Hawaiian)
  • Rey (Spanish)
  • Roi (French)
  • Ruadh (Irish)

Famous People

Famous People that have the Roy name:

  • The outlaw, also known as a Scottish folk hero, Roy MacGregor (1671-1734) was dubbed “Rob Roy”, because of his red hair.
  • Actor Roy Rogers, who was born November 5, 1911, under the name of Leonard Slye.
  • Country Singer Roy Orbison, the famous country singer was born on April 23, 1936, and died December 6, 1988.
  • Roy J. Glauber, an American physicist, was a recipient of the Nobel Prize. Roy McMillan, Roy Marble and Roy Halliday were all American athletes. Walt Disney’s business partner and brother was also named Roy.
  • Lastly, we should not forget the astonishing magicians, Siegfried and Roy, who were born in Germany.

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Meaning and Origin

The name Logan was originated from a Scottish place as a surname meaning “little hollow” under Scottish Gaelic history. This bright and cheerful Scottish name originated from a place in Ayrshire.


Logan is a popular Scottish name that ranked number 5 since the mid-70s. The rank name has continued to rise and expand since then out of the Scottish place.Since the mid-70s the name Logan has extended its popularity in places like Canada and the United States. In 2012 the name ranked number 5 in Canada. In 2007 Logan ranked 17th most popular baby boys names in the United States. The name also became popular amongst the female gender. In 2007 the name ranks amongst females became evident in the States. Even though the rank ratings level was as low as 455th, it became evident that Logan was a primary name that was given to both boys and girls universally.

Today, the name Logan can be used as a First name and a Last name. In the last five years, Logan has been ranked among the top 100 most popular boy’s names in Canada, Australia, France, and Belgium. Today in Scotland, Logan is still ranked 5th most popular boy’s name.

People Called Logan

Not too many famous people called Logan here are two people that come to mine: Logan Lerman and Logan Marshall-Green are both American actors.

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