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History of the Name Tremaine

The name Tremaine is a Celtic name and it has an association with Scotland and other Celtic nations.

In particular Tremaine is associated with Cornwall. The origin of the name is related to a family that carried out the name travelled and eventually, the name combined with the regions that they were established.

The meaning of Tremaine is Settlement Stone which is the literal traduction of the name Treman. The words in Cornish are a settlement that belongs to “Tre” (or Welsh for town) and stone that would be referring to “man”. The first time that the name was registered on c.1230, the name Tremaine was written “Treman”.


Tremaine was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Scotland in 2016.  This name is also quite unique in other English speaking countries.

Famous People Called Tremaine

A variety of male celebrities has this name, for example, the American director of the Jackass franchise, Jeff Tremaine. Also, in sport, this name had been made popular by the player Tremaine Fowles from the Dakota Wizards.Recently in the industry of music, the popularity of Tremaine have increased with the famous American singer Trey Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson. Not only he is famous for songs like “Say Aah” and “Na Na”, in 2017 he called his seventh album “Tremaine”.

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Origin of Scotty

The male Scottish name Scotty, derives from the Celtic surname Scott. The Celtic surname can be dated all the way to the 12th century, originating from a powerful clan on the Anglo-Scottish border. The clan’s influence from the past is still easy for one to see, for the clan contributed to the country’s name.

From Scott being used a first name, came the nickname Scotty, which then became a standard first name out of itself. The meaning of Scotty is only its association as it originating from Scott, a name used by warlords.


Today, Scott is in the top twelve most popular surnames of Scotland, and is commonplace for it to be used as a first name. By the 17th century, people began to see Scott as a first name, rather than just a last.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, it is not unusual to meet someone named Scott or Scotty. Scotty can be seen used all throughout the world. The popularity of Scotty increases as it usage in mainstream culture does.

Famous People with the Name Scotty

The Golf Company Scotty Cameron
The Golf Company Scotty Cameron

Popular pop-culture icons and celebrities with the name Scotty include: Scotty of Star Strek, the golf legend, Scotty Cameron, famed country music singer, Scotty McCreey, and Vietnamese-American poker player Scotty, Nguyen.

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History Of The Name Greg

The popularity of Greg for a boy is possible that it is based on lifestyles and a history of past events customs. The name Greg historically acknowledged for the Scottish surname. Also, dominantly the name Greg has continued persistently popular with every past and present generation. The masculine sounding name suggests an image of worthiness as well as athletic for young men. The men who possess the name Greg are frequently presumed to live up to their namesake in a variety of confident paths. The use of the name, an evolved way at the end of a name, for example, MacGregor originates the perception that bears the name Gregory would be an influential marketing approach.

Meaning of the and Popularity of the Name

The meaning of Greg, in general, is theorised to have Greek beginnings which imply a watchful gatekeeper being vigilant of their environment was an equally crucial characteristic for soldiers throughout wartime. And during time with the lack of conflict and freedom. This was in essentially every ancestral culture. There is an additional up-to-date meaning of Greg, one that connects to entertainers and men with excessive quickness and diversity in the forms of dance, bodily satire. Gregory was the 687th most favoured baby boy name in Scotland in the year 2013.

Famous People with the Name

Greg Davies the popular British Comedian
Greg Davies the popular British Comedian

Some famous people that possess the name are Gregory Peck an American actor, and Gregory Isaacs, Jamaican reggae musician. In addition of famous people with the name is Greg Stewart, a Scottish footballer.

Greg Davies, a British stand-up comedian, and actor. Greg Olsen a great football player whose position on the team is the tight end.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Baldie

Baldie comes from the name Archibald, and that name is a bit more popular. The meaning of Baldie comes from that of Archibald, and Archibald means “precious”, “genuine”, and “bold.” Those are all great words for a name to come from.

The name Baldie can  also be a nickname for someone who is bald or suffers from hair loss.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Baldie is not very high, and it has never been that popular of a first name for men. It did not make it to being one of the 100 most popular boy names in Scotland in 2015, but it is a name with character, none the less.

Famous People Called Baldie

The gangster Alan Longo known as Baldie
The gangster Alan Longo known as Baldie

The name Baldie is not one of the more popular ones, but people may have heard it used when referring to Alan Longo, a Brooklyn mobster. His nickname was “Baldie”, and it is something that stuck with him for years.


Baldie is an uncommon names that comes from another name that is just a bit more popular. Archibald has been heard a bit more often and that has a great meaning to it, and that makes the name Baldie great.

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Crayton – Origin and Meaning

Crayton is an interesting name that originates in Scotland. The origin of the name Crayton came from a place known as Creighton. It is a male name derived from this area, near Utloxeter in Staffordshire, which is located in Scotland. Therefore, it is another clear version of Creighton. The Scottish meaning of Crayton is border dweller or boundary settlement. The history of the name Crayton dates back in the 7th Century when it was first recorded as ‘Crectone’ in Exchequer of 1166’s Red Book.

Popularity of Crayton

The name Crayton is related to masculinity in Scotland. Therefore, it is not common among the females. Although the popularity of Crayton among the males in Scotland is not high, some parents still use it to name their baby boys. Naming is an essential aspect in the country. Each name, especially for the boys, has a significant meaning related to it.

Variations of the Name

The name has different variations according to various people. They include the following: Craighton, Crichton, Creighton and even Crighton. However, all of them have similar meanings and are male names. Crighton is one of the common versions of Crayton. It was widely used by parents in 2007 to name their newborn male babies.

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History of the Name Artair

The name Artair is not that common, but very common in Scotland and in Scottish heritage. The name didn’t make the most popular list, however, here are some places and people with the Scottish name. I will talk about the meaning of Artair.

A mountain nicknamed ‘The Cobbler’, whose real name is Beinn Artair, exists in Scotland whose height is almost three thousand feed high. It is a very charming and impressive place with green grass and the mountain standing so tall. The Cobbler is a very famous area for rock-climbing in Scotland.

The popularity of Artair seems to come from the nicknamed Clan Arthur. There was an entire clan that came from the Scottish Gaelic “Clann Artair”. This Scottish group used to own the lands on the shores of Loch Awe. These shores were in the opposite direction of Inishail. The clan is one of the oldest and it dates back from Alexander III’s reign, which was in around the year 1249 AD. That’s a long time for a clan to become that well known.

As you can see, there is plenty of history concerning the name Artair. The popularity of Artair may not fit in with other cultures, but those with backgrounds or descendants of Scotland will appreciate the name.

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History Behind The Name Steaphan

The name of Steaphan is of Scottish-Gaelic origin. It is the Scottish form of Stephen. Steaphan is a masculine name and it is derived from Stephen.

Popularity of the Name

It is often used as a boy’s name and it wasn’t listed in the 100 top baby boys names for the year of 2015. Those who do tend to use this name are people who have originated mainly from Ireland or Scotland as a rule.

What Is The History Behind The Name of Steaphan?

What is the meaning and history that is associated with the name of Steaphan? The answer is clear. Steaphan is a name of Scottish-Gaelic origin. However, the name itself does come from another name originally, and this name is no other than the Greek name of Στεφανος which translates to Stephanos in Latin. Stephanos stands for crown.

It also means more appropriately that which does surround. It was because of Saint Stephen, who was a deacon, and who got stoned to death as was told in Acts of the New Testament that the name became common in the Christian world. Saint Stephen was regarded as being the first Christian martyr. It was also a name that was greatly popularised by the Normans in England. Steaphan also means dwells at the farm. Steaphan is a name that is rarely used. It is ranked as being in 91,890th position among the most used of all names.

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Niall: A Passionate Warrior

The meaning of Niall fosters an image of a passionate warrior. This is a male name and it does have a distinct meaning behind it. Niall has Irish roots and origins. The words associated with this name include passionate, warrior and champion.

This name had been passed to Scotland from Ireland long ago. This name is also known to be name given to baby boys in England. The popularity of Niall had evened off in the year 2015. This is according to the stats. It was not listed in the top 100 popular names. This name is pronounced “Nye+al.” The name Niall is often associated with strength. A powerful name.

Famous Men Named Niall

*Niall John Quinn; Quinn was born in Ireland. He is a former professional footballer and a businessman. Born in the year 1966 and he is the ex-chairman of Sunderland. He had received 92 caps for the national football team (Republic of Ireland). He has an impressive record in football and he has experience in the management aspect of horse racing too.

* Nial Horan; Horan is a singer and a songwriter. He is also a guitarist. He was born in the year 1993. He is from Ireland. He is an impressive individual who is known for co-writing numerous songs. He had released his first single (as a solo artist) in the year 2016.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Calder

The meaning of Calder is “stream”, which makes it seem like an even more pleasant name.


The name Calder didn’t make it to the list of 100 most popular baby names in Scotland in 2015, but it is still a name that has a great sound and look to it. The popularity of Calder is not something that should make people think worse of it, but that should draw them in all the more.

Famous People and Things Called Calder

  • The Calder Cup is a hockey trophy, and that should make people who enjoy hockey think well of this name.
  • Calder Valley line is a railway in England,
  • Clan Calder from Inverness (Scottish highlands),
  • and the name Calder can be found in many locations in Scotland (eg. East and West Calder near Edinburgh ).


So, even though this name didn’t make it to the list of 100 most popular baby names recently, it has still been used for several different purposes. And it is a name that people will recognise because of that. It has such a simple meaning and a great sound to it, and it has been used for a long time.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Barclay

The name Barclay is more often used as a surname than a first name, but it is a great boys’ name. It did not make the top 100 list of baby names in Scotland in 2015, but it is a strong sounding name, none the less.

The meaning of the name is birch tree meadow. It is a name that has often been used and heard often, even though it’s not too popular, and it might attract future parents because of that.

Famous People Called Barclay

This is a great boys name because it was the surname of celebrities such as Eddie Barclay, a french producer. And another famous use of the name Barclay was given to the Clan Barclay, which is a Scottish clan. Another use of the name is for Barclays, a multinational banking company, which is headquartered in London.

There are many uses for the name Barclay, and yet the meaning is so simple. It is a name that parents should consider because it is not too popular, yet people have heard of it and will think well of it.

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A Modern Archibald

The name Archie is actually shortened for Archibald. Archibald is a modern Scottish and English form of Ercanbald.

This means bold, bald and genuine. According to some of the current stats from the government, the name Archie was actually one of the most popular baby boys names (21st most popular baby boys’ name). This was in the year 2015.

Archie is meant to reflect and signify solidity and strength of one’s Christian faith. This name is quite popular in Scotland as well as in England.

However, this name is not within the high 1000 choices in the United States. This is not necessarily considered to be a top fashionable name, by most people.

A few Famous Archie’s

There are some famous television characters named Archie along with a very famous cartoon character which are well-known among many. It may interest you to know of some real famous people also have the name Archie. The following are included on the “famous Archie” list:

  •  Archie Moore; he was a famous American professional boxer
  • Archie Shepp; This man is an African-American jazz saxophonist and is considered to be quite prominent.
  • Archie Bradley; This famous Archie is an American baseball pitcher. He was a professional pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Gibby

The meaning of Gibby comes from the longer versions of the name (Gibby from the Scottish name Gibidh), and it means bright, or noble youth. It is a great name for parents to give their baby boy because of the meaning, and because of how far it goes back, as a surname and beyond. It doesn’t need to be popular in order for people to appreciate it and use it for their son.


It might not surprise most people that the name Gibby was not one of the 100 most popular baby names in Scottland in 2015, but it is a name that every expectant parent should take a second look at. Just because the popularity of Gibby is not so great doesn’t mean that the name doesn’t deserve a chance.

Famous people called Gibby

Others have given their son this name, and Gibby Welch was an American football player, and Gibby Gilbert is an American professional golfer.
Another use of the name Gibby is Gibshill, which is referred to as The Gibby, and is an housing estate in Greenock.

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Conall Boy Name Origins and Meaning

Cornall is a boy name that has its origins in Scotland. The name is thought to have been brought to England and Scotland from Irish speakers. It has a Gaelic origin. If you are thinking about giving your child the name Conall, here are a few things you should know about the name.


First, the name Conall will be a unique variation of the original. It was not in the top 100 names used in Scotland in 2015. The low popularity of Conall means that if you use it, you will not have 5 kids turning at the kindergarten when the name is called. Also note that the name is used as a boy name, so it might not be a good idea to name a girl Conall.

Interesting Facts about the name Conall

When giving the name, consider the personality you hope your child will get. The meaning of Conall is ‘strong wolf’. There is an entire legend surrounding a character that went by this name. The name therefore personifies the trait of strength and bravery. The name also has some religious bearing as it is believed that Conall was one of the men that lifted the huge stone that covered the opening to Jesus’ Tomb on the day that he rose from the dead.

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The Scottish View on Alick

The name Alick does have a Scottish twist and meaning. Alick actually originated from the Scottish culture. The following terms are included within the Scottish view of this name:

  • man’s defender
  • warrior

The Overall Popularity of Alick

Alick was not a popular or common name given to a baby boy in the year 2015. This name was not listed in the top 1000 Scottish boys’ names in the year 2015.

There is actually a family of boys names which are associated or related to the name Alick. The name Alexander is amongst this family. The family member Alexander was actually very popular in the same year.

The Meaning of Alick

Alick is a variant of the name Aleck. It originates from the name Alexander. This is typically a name given to a baby boy. The traits of someone with this name includes some of the following descriptive adjectives:

  •  powerful
  • complete
  • courageous
  • inquisitive

Famous People with the Name Alick

The following famous people are named Alick. These are a sample of famous individuals with this distinguished name. They include:

  • Alick Buchanan-Smith; This famous Alick was a politician. 1932-1991. He was a British Member of Parliament. This was British Conservative.
  • Alick Bryant; he was the youngest Australian soldier ever to serve during the First World War. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force when he was 13 years old. 1903-1985.
  • Alick Glennie; he is a computer scientist. He developed Autocode as system that has been regarded as the 1st computer compiler and worked with the code breaker Alan Turing. 1925-2003.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Errol

Errol is a masculine name that originated as a surname. It was originally a place name in Scotland. In 1453, Earl of Erroll was created for Sir William Hay in the Peerage of Scotland.

Errol is a Scottish name that means Nobel man and wanderer. Errol is a spelling variation of Earl.

Popularity of the Name

Errol came in 1049th place in popular names for bits born in 2015. Errol reached its highest level in the 1990s. It came close to reaching its 1990s popularity in 2010.

Errol was popular in Scottish literature. J K Rowling named the Weasley owl Errol in her Harry Potter series.

Famous People Called Errol

A famous person from Scotland was an artist named Errol Russel E’tienne. He painted in watercolour, oil and acylic. His work in animation won him an Emmy in Australian television. Not many famous Scottish people are known as Errol.

Most famous Scots have held the name Errol as a title or even the type of dance called the Scottish Highland Dance also known as Earl of Erroll. Harry Thomas William Hay Lord Hay is the most recent person to hold the title of Erroll.

Errol Flynn was a famous Hollywood actor and film staring the in the 1940’s and 50’s.

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