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Meaning and Origin of the Name Gillanders

The Scotish baby name Gillanders is not too popular, and because of that, it didn’t make it to the 100 most popular boys’ names list in Scotland in 2017. It is a male name, and the meaning of the name is “servant of St. Andrew”.

The name Gillanders was used for the Clan Gillanders in the 15th century, which was in a manuscript, MS 1467. Although it is not a popular first name, Gillanders is quite common as a last name and many have heard of it used that way.

Famous People Called Gillanders

Gillanders Wine Celler is known for award-winning wines, and there are many notable doctors with the surname Gillanders. This is a classic name that has been around for centuries and is a strong and beautiful Scotish name. It is well known because of being a surname, and it is easy to pronounce. A boy with this name can have the simple nickname of “Gil”.

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Laird And The Meaning Of The Name

The Surfer Laird Hamilton
The Surfer Laird Hamilton

Laird is actually a Scottish name that you can see pretty easily means lord.

The meaning of Laird has been combined with the name Laird to give us the person in Laird Hamilton who made the popularity of Laird jump up just because of his success in the surfing world. We also have Gavin Laird and Howard Laird Barber. This means that there is some precedent to use this name with a boy because there are famous people out there who have it. It is very easy for someone to be sure that they can use this name because they can see that famous people always carry it.


It was never a popular name in the first place, but it has gone up in popularity just because of the famous people who use it. However, it has never been so popular that people will want to try it for all their boys. This is one of those fringe names that you will use because you love the name on Laird Hamilton, and you might remember back to Gavin Laird because that helps with choosing the name and knowing that someone else had it in the past and wore it very well.

In 2017, there was only one baby given the name Laird in Scotland.

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The Name Kendrick and Its Meaning

The name Kendrick is very interesting because it can be a first name and a last name.

The name Kendrick means royal power or bold power. It also means chief hero in some places. The meaning of Kendrick will make you think about it a little more deeply,

There are famous men named Kendrick, and they give you a platform for using this name that will make you feel more confident when you pick it.


The name has not become overwhelmingly popular, but it definitely has its proponents in popular media with the morn who are listed below with the very same name.

In Scotland in 2016 only 1 baby boy was given the name of Kendrick.

Famous People with the Name Kendrick

Kendrick Lamar and Kendrick Perkins are famous Kendricks, and they represent rappers and basketball players respectively.

A famous Scottish person with the name is Malcolm Kendrick is a Scottish doctor and author of the books “The Great Cholesterol Con” and “Doctoring Data”.

Kendrick will probably go up now that there are two famous people who have this name. Only time will tell because it is not very popular right now, but it is definitely a name that you can consider with some precedent.

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The Name And Meaning Of Rab

The name Rab is a German name that gives us another name that is very popular. It is true that Rab is not as popular as other names, but it gives birth to one of the most popular male names of all time. The popularity of Rab will probably never go up, but Robert has been high for a very long time.

The meaning of Rab is bright and shining, and it is a name that means a lot to people who are trying to make sure that they can give the original name instead of Robert. You could do this when you are naming a child after a Robert, or you could choose it just because you like how it works.


Rab was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Scotland in 2016.

Famous Rabs

Rab Noakes the Singer Songwriter
Rab Noakes the Singer Songwriter

Famous Rabs include:
Rab Butler – a former deputy priminister of the UK
Rab Noakes – a singer and songwriter from St Andrews
Rab C Nesbitt – the fictional comedy character from Glasgow.

The name Robert is carried by a lot of people like Robert Ludlum and Robert the Bruce. You will find out that there are a lot of Roberts all over the place from Robert Blake and the last name Roberts which comes from the same place. You might have a history with this name, and that will make you feel great so that you can use that heritage that you find in Rab and apply it to the modern day.

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The Meaning and Origin of Brody

Brody originates from Moray in Scotland
Brody originates from Moray in Scotland

The origin of the name Brody is from Moray, Scotland. Some believe the name means little ridge or Gaelic, others believe it means a muddy place or “brothach”.

The name Brody started off as a surname or clan name in the 14th century. Brody can also mean the second son in Scotland. The name Brody can be used for any gender, male or female.

The popularity of Brody

In 2012 Brody was on the top 100 names with Scotland, coming in at number 3. Brody became more popular as the years went by being a successfully popular by 2014.

Famous People with the name

  • Brodie Croyle (different variation of spelling): famous for being a former football quarterback, drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Brody Jenner: Son of Bruce Jenner and Linda Thompson he is model and TV star personnel in the United States.
  • Brody Dalle: Singer/songwriter/guitarist born in Australia, founded The Distillers.
  • Brody Stevens: Stand up comedian and actor.
  • Brody Bishop: Canadian basketball player, Bristol Flyers.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Cuddy

Think about giving the name Cuddy to a newborn in a Scottish family. The name has a lot of meaning to those people in Scotland too. Cuddy is typically used as the diminutive form of Cuthbert as a name.

That makes it quite common and recognised throughout Scotland. It is not currently in the top 100 baby boy names in Scotland. The word Cuddy is sometimes also used in Scotland to refer to a donkey.

Oxford Dictionary defines Cuddy as a small room or compartment on a boat. That proves that the word is used in the English language as well. The name Cuthbert has seen widespread usage for these families as well. Anglican Bishops have often had the name Cuthbert during their time. That adds to the meaning of Cuddy for boys. The popularity of Cuddy is debatable, since there are many people with the name.

Famous People Called Cuddy

Paul Cuddy has a familiar name for people throughout the United Kingdom. He is a former footballer who achieved fame and success in his time. The Cuddy Group is also a prominent company that works in the country. They perform demolition services that are required for various reasons. The name is derived from the company’s founder years ago.

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Origin of the Name Where Kirk

This is a Scottish and English surname that comes from a word that means church. You can see the name Kirk in words like Kirkja, and you will find that most people give the name Kirk without knowing the meaning of Kirk.

The popularity of Kirk has been varied over time because you can see a lot of people using this name as a first and a last name. It changes in popularity because sometimes it seems appropriate and sometimes it does not.


Kirk was the 707th most popular boys’ name in Scotland in 2016.

Famous Kirk

Captain Kirk from the TV series Star Trek
Captain Kirk from the TV series Star Trek

Look at the famous Star Trek character James T. Kirk who is a boy from Iowa. Look at Kirk Douglas who is one of the older actors in Hollywood. That name has been used on TV’s Gilmore Girls, and it is a name that find people using when they want their kids to have strong names.

A famous Scottish Kirk is Kirk Broadfoot a footballer from Irvine who has played for the Kilmarnock football team. While a famous rocking musician is Kirk Hammett the lead guitarist from the band Metallica.

You also want to be sure that you have gotten your boy to have the strongest name you can think of. There are a lot of people who are going to be sure that you can get the right name for their kids by using Kirk. You might even want to use it as a middle name because it works as a strong filler name for a boy.

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Meaning and History of the Names Paton And Patton

George Patton the famous American war General
George Patton the famous American war General

Paton and Patton have similar origins. The meaning of Paton or Patton is noble and strong. They have not been in the top 100 boys names for a long time, and that is partly due to the fact that they feel like last names.

You might remember General Patton, and you will meet people with the last name Paton in Scotland. This also means that people often use them as middle names where they hurt the popularity of Paton.

Famous People and Things with the Name Paton

There is Patton Oswald who is one of the best comedians in America, and he has been in Disney movies to boot. There are a number of kids who may want to use this name because it is so unique. They believe that they may change their persona using this name, and parents may want to choose something that feels a bit more vintage.

Paton is also a manufacturer of motorcycles from Italy, but it is mostly a last name of people such as Alan Paton the author or Alex Paton the footballer. You may use this name if you want to go that route, and you will find that there are a number of people who will be pleased to hear this name because it reminds them of something that they love.

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Meaning of the Name Kenny

The name Kenny is a diminutive of the name Kenneth.

The meaning of Kenny is said to be “handsome”, which will please anyone boy or man named Kenny.


While not a popular name in its birth country of Scotland it didn’t make the top 100 baby boys names in Scotland in 2016 in fact there was only 1 baby registered with the name Kenny. However 13 babys were registered with the name Kenneth.

Traits of People Called Kenny

It is said that those who are named Kenny are confident in themselves and are also dependable and considerate of others, they are great lovers of community and do all they can to bring others together. They tend to be more traditional than others but because of this are known to be highly responsible and very family-oriented. They also have the tendency to obsessively fret over the lives and health of those who the hold dear.

Famous People With the Known as Kenny

The Famous Scottish Footballer Kenny Dalglish
The Famous Scottish Footballer Kenny Dalglish

There are a few famous Kenny from Scotland especially famous sportsmen.:

  • Kenny Dalglish – the famous Scottish and Liverpool football player and manager from Glasgow.
  • Kenny Logan – the Scottish international ruby star. Logan played on the wing and was awarded 70 caps for his country.

You can also see Kenny is also well known in popular culture:

  • Kenneth “Kenny” McCormick is the main character in the American cartoon South Park.
  • Kenny Chesney – a singer, song writer and producer of Country Western music.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Doug

Doug is short for the name Douglas and it is a Scottish name Many people have named their son Douglas but call him Doug as a nickname or a shortened name but then on the other hand there is still going to be some who only pick the name Doug without making the name Douglas.

The meaning of Doug is derived from Scotland and the Gaelic it means dark water and or from the dark river. This Scottish baby name is strong in its heritage.


The popularity of Doug is not that high because it was not even in the top 100 Scottish baby names for the year of 2015.

In the year of 2017 it was not a very popular name either it fell at number nine hundred twenty nine. The most popular time for the name Doug was at its highest around the years of 1942 and 1963. The popularity seems to be decreasing every year. The name Doug was a one point a popular baby name but it is no longer.

Famous People with the Name Doug

There are a few famous Dougs of note:

  • Doug Jones an American Hollywood actor and TV star.
  • Doug Cowie was a Scottish footballer for Dundee.
  • There is also an animated TV series with the name Doug.

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History of the Name Tremaine

The name Tremaine is a Celtic name and it has an association with Scotland and other Celtic nations.

In particular Tremaine is associated with Cornwall. The origin of the name is related to a family that carried out the name travelled and eventually, the name combined with the regions that they were established.

The meaning of Tremaine is Settlement Stone which is the literal traduction of the name Treman. The words in Cornish are a settlement that belongs to “Tre” (or Welsh for town) and stone that would be referring to “man”. The first time that the name was registered on c.1230, the name Tremaine was written “Treman”.


Tremaine was not in the top 100 baby boys names in Scotland in 2016.  This name is also quite unique in other English speaking countries.

Famous People Called Tremaine

A variety of male celebrities has this name, for example, the American director of the Jackass franchise, Jeff Tremaine. Also, in sport, this name had been made popular by the player Tremaine Fowles from the Dakota Wizards.Recently in the industry of music, the popularity of Tremaine have increased with the famous American singer Trey Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson. Not only he is famous for songs like “Say Aah” and “Na Na”, in 2017 he called his seventh album “Tremaine”.

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Origin of Scotty

The male Scottish name Scotty, derives from the Celtic surname Scott. The Celtic surname can be dated all the way to the 12th century, originating from a powerful clan on the Anglo-Scottish border. The clan’s influence from the past is still easy for one to see, for the clan contributed to the country’s name.

From Scott being used a first name, came the nickname Scotty, which then became a standard first name out of itself. The meaning of Scotty is only its association as it originating from Scott, a name used by warlords.


Today, Scott is in the top twelve most popular surnames of Scotland, and is commonplace for it to be used as a first name. By the 17th century, people began to see Scott as a first name, rather than just a last.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, it is not unusual to meet someone named Scott or Scotty. Scotty can be seen used all throughout the world. The popularity of Scotty increases as it usage in mainstream culture does.

Famous People with the Name Scotty

The Golf Company Scotty Cameron
The Golf Company Scotty Cameron

Popular pop-culture icons and celebrities with the name Scotty include: Scotty of Star Strek, the golf legend, Scotty Cameron, famed country music singer, Scotty McCreey, and Vietnamese-American poker player Scotty, Nguyen.

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History Of The Name Greg

The popularity of Greg for a boy is possible that it is based on lifestyles and a history of past events customs. The name Greg historically acknowledged for the Scottish surname. Also, dominantly the name Greg has continued persistently popular with every past and present generation. The masculine sounding name suggests an image of worthiness as well as athletic for young men. The men who possess the name Greg are frequently presumed to live up to their namesake in a variety of confident paths. The use of the name, an evolved way at the end of a name, for example, MacGregor originates the perception that bears the name Gregory would be an influential marketing approach.

Meaning of the and Popularity of the Name

The meaning of Greg, in general, is theorised to have Greek beginnings which imply a watchful gatekeeper being vigilant of their environment was an equally crucial characteristic for soldiers throughout wartime. And during time with the lack of conflict and freedom. This was in essentially every ancestral culture. There is an additional up-to-date meaning of Greg, one that connects to entertainers and men with excessive quickness and diversity in the forms of dance, bodily satire. Gregory was the 687th most favoured baby boy name in Scotland in the year 2013.

Famous People with the Name

Greg Davies the popular British Comedian
Greg Davies the popular British Comedian

Some famous people that possess the name are Gregory Peck an American actor, and Gregory Isaacs, Jamaican reggae musician. In addition of famous people with the name is Greg Stewart, a Scottish footballer.

Greg Davies, a British stand-up comedian, and actor. Greg Olsen a great football player whose position on the team is the tight end.

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Meaning and Origin of the Name Baldie

Baldie comes from the name Archibald, and that name is a bit more popular. The meaning of Baldie comes from that of Archibald, and Archibald means “precious”, “genuine”, and “bold.” Those are all great words for a name to come from.

The name Baldie can  also be a nickname for someone who is bald or suffers from hair loss.

Popularity of the Name

The popularity of Baldie is not very high, and it has never been that popular of a first name for men. It did not make it to being one of the 100 most popular boy names in Scotland in 2015, but it is a name with character, none the less.

Famous People Called Baldie

The gangster Alan Longo known as Baldie
The gangster Alan Longo known as Baldie

The name Baldie is not one of the more popular ones, but people may have heard it used when referring to Alan Longo, a Brooklyn mobster. His nickname was “Baldie”, and it is something that stuck with him for years.


Baldie is an uncommon names that comes from another name that is just a bit more popular. Archibald has been heard a bit more often and that has a great meaning to it, and that makes the name Baldie great.

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Crayton – Origin and Meaning

Crayton is an interesting name that originates in Scotland. The origin of the name Crayton came from a place known as Creighton. It is a male name derived from this area, near Utloxeter in Staffordshire, which is located in Scotland. Therefore, it is another clear version of Creighton. The Scottish meaning of Crayton is border dweller or boundary settlement. The history of the name Crayton dates back in the 7th Century when it was first recorded as ‘Crectone’ in Exchequer of 1166’s Red Book.

Popularity of Crayton

The name Crayton is related to masculinity in Scotland. Therefore, it is not common among the females. Although the popularity of Crayton among the males in Scotland is not high, some parents still use it to name their baby boys. Naming is an essential aspect in the country. Each name, especially for the boys, has a significant meaning related to it.

Variations of the Name

The name has different variations according to various people. They include the following: Craighton, Crichton, Creighton and even Crighton. However, all of them have similar meanings and are male names. Crighton is one of the common versions of Crayton. It was widely used by parents in 2007 to name their newborn male babies.

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