Popular Boy’ s Name Carson

Scotland has had a surge in the popularity of the Carson name. In 2013, the popularity of Carson was voted as one of Scotland’s top boy names (just outside in the 100 in 101st position). Famous people and places with the name Carson include, Johnny Carson the American TV presenter, ┬áthe English footballer Scott Carson, the American boxer Carson Jones and not forgetting the place Carson in California.

So you can see that the name Carson is also popular else where in the world both as a first name but also as a surname. In fact, Carson is a great name for females too.  The name Carson originated is unknown.

What Does Carson Mean

The Scottish meaning of Carson is, son of marsh dwellers. Whereas, the English meaning of Carson is, boy born in the swamp. Individuals with the name Carson are relaxed and love quiet time. Most Carson’s go on to be philosophers, scholars, and teachers. You can bring them a problem and they tend to look at the big picture. They can seem aloof, but are quite thoughtful and sincere. Most Carson’s tend to be introverts. Nicknames for the name Carson include, Carr, Case, and Carmichael, to name a few.

Although, the name Carson has various different meanings. Naming your son or daughter Carson can be fun or be presented as class and lineage.

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