Did you know that the name Cameron is a very popular and Scottish given name in our language today. Cameron is very much a unisex name. Which mean it can be given to either a boy or a girl. It’s one of the few names in our history that has this ambiguity.

Meaning and Origin of the Boy’s Name Cameron

The meaning of Cameron actually comes from Scottish decent. It’s recognizable by the surname in Scotland, which is Cameron. In Gaelic it means “crooked nose”. Cameron’s popularity has been around for years.


Cameron is the 25th most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics).

Famous People Called Cameron

Think about some of the well-know people here in the states that carry this name. There is the famous director, Cameron Crowe. There is also the actress Cameron Diaz. She has been in a variety of movies such as The Sweetest Thing and Bad Teacher.

There is also the famous New Zealand soccer player Cameron Knowles. Who is not related to Beyoncé Knowles. There is the American actor Cameron Douglas and the rapper Cameron Giles. There is Cameron Russell, a famous model. Than there is Cameron Stout, who was a contestant on the UK version of Big Brother. This is just a few of a long list of people named Cameron. How many can you think of?

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