Origin and Meaning of the Name Camden

Camden is a name that comes from Scotland. This unisex name that is often more popular for boys than girls.

The name Camden is extremely old and first originates from members of the town of Chipping Campden, in Gloucestershire. Its first recorded use, Campedene, in the Domesday Book of 1086 varies from its modern spelling today. The meaning of Camden is derived from its Latin root words which mean enclosure valley. When the name was adopted into Gaelic culture its meaning altered slightly since it denoted someone who came from “the crooked valley”.


Camden’s popularity as a boys name continues to grow despite it’s low rankings when compared to more common names. In Scotland for example it is ranked as the 819th most popular boys name (in 2012), where in the US, it is ranked as the 99th most popular male name. Hence this name is a great choice for anyone who wants their child to stand out from the crowd.

Famous People with the Names

There are not too many famous people with the name Camden, the only one of note is Camden Gray an actor who starred in the series Cougar Town and Californication.

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