Meaning and Origin of Callum

The name Callum is one of the most popular male names to originate from Scotland. The name Callum is well known within the Christian community because the name means dove which is a symbol of gentleness, the Holy Spirit, and purity. There are a number of variations of the name; Calum, Calumn, Colum, or Calumn.


Callum ┬áis the 24th most popular baby boy’s name in Scotland in 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics). Also Callum is growing in popularity in America, since 2008 more Americans are starting to adopt the name.

Famous People

Famous actors called Callum include Callum Rennie, Calum Worthy, and Callum Blue.


This influential name is a platform for anyone wanting a nice male name with a strong Christian background. The name not only sounds good but represents a renown country with spiritual values.

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