Brice Name

Origin of Brice

A traditionally masculine name, Brice is of ancient Celtic origin. It’s first noted in France and Germany in the Middle Ages and was migrated to England and Scotland by the Normans. Variant forms of the name include Bryce, Bryse, Brizio, and Bricio. One of the first forms of the name, Bricius, is that of a 5th century, French saint who superseded St. Martin as the bishop of Tours.

Meaning of Brice

The name Brice is found to have two possible meanings. The original Celtic form means “speckled” which describes the traditionally freckled-faced Scottish baby boys. Its Welsh origin means “the son of an ardent one” which most likely derives from a personality trait as is often the case with historically rich names.

Popularity of Brice

Brice, as a first name, has not been very popular in Scotland or the Scottish community in recent years. It did not make the 2013 Top 100 Baby Boy Names list in Scotland, however, the name has reached great popularity in the United States and in France. Brice, as a family name, has increased in popularity through the years and several famous people carry the surname. Russell Brice is a mountaineer from New Zealand and Edward Brice was a Scottish Presbyterian minister in the 15th century.

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