Origin of the name Blair

Pronounced blare, the boy’s name Blair is originally born of a Scottish and Gaelic surname. It was given regionally in areas named with the Gaelic, “bl├ár,” meaning “plain, or field,” generally of south-central Scotland.


The meaning of the name Blair is multifaceted. The Gaelic translation is, “child of the fields,” which adds emphasis on the regional use, conversely, the Scottish translation is “Peat moss.”


In 2012, Blair name popularity rose to 70th in Scotland. For many, because of the origins rooted in the physical features of the landscape, the name embodies the hard working nature required to live and work the fields; to be strong and capable. In regions without much wooded area, peat moss is used for cooking and heating and has been a staple of the culture; suggesting the holder of the name embodies the land.

Famous People called Blair

The name Blair is known to the public as a surname by many figures including former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair. As a first name it is known, among others, by American philanthropist Blair Hull and Australian actor Blair McDonough.

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