Meaning and Origin of the Name Barclay

The name Barclay is more often used as a surname than a first name, but it is a great boys’ name. It did not make the top 100 list of baby names in Scotland in 2015, but it is a strong sounding name, none the less.

The meaning of the name is birch tree meadow. It is a name that has often been used and heard often, even though it’s not too popular, and it might attract future parents because of that.

Famous People Called Barclay

This is a great boys name because it was the surname of celebrities such as Eddie Barclay, a french producer. And another famous use of the name Barclay was given to the Clan Barclay, which is a Scottish clan. Another use of the name is for Barclays, a multinational banking company, which is headquartered in London.

There are many uses for the name Barclay, and yet the meaning is so simple. It is a name that parents should consider because it is not too popular, yet people have heard of it and will think well of it.

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