History of the Name Artair

The name Artair is not that common, but very common in Scotland and in Scottish heritage. The name didn’t make the most popular list, however, here are some places and people with the Scottish name. I will talk about the meaning of Artair.

A mountain nicknamed ‘The Cobbler’, whose real name is Beinn Artair, exists in Scotland whose height is almost three thousand feed high. It is a very charming and impressive place with green grass and the mountain standing so tall. The Cobbler is a very famous area for rock-climbing in Scotland.

The popularity of Artair seems to come from the nicknamed Clan Arthur. There was an entire clan that came from the Scottish Gaelic “Clann Artair”. This Scottish group used to own the lands on the shores of Loch Awe. These shores were in the opposite direction of Inishail. The clan is one of the oldest and it dates back from Alexander III’s reign, which was in around the year 1249 AD. That’s a long time for a clan to become that well known.

As you can see, there is plenty of history concerning the name Artair. The popularity of Artair may not fit in with other cultures, but those with backgrounds or descendants of Scotland will appreciate the name.

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