Origin of The Name Art

The Art name is a shortened form of the name Arthur. The meaning of Art is derived from the name Arthur. The name Arthur is of Celtic origin, and was first found in the Latinized form “Artorius” which means noble and courageous. King Arthur is probably the most famous person with the name Arthur. There is great debate as to whether there was an actual King Arthur, or he was a mythological figure. What is clear, however, is that there is great evidence that the name “Artur” was very popular in Southern Scotland and Northern England in the 7th and 8th centuries.

This seems to point to the fact that there was at least someone famous in that region with that name. The Art name means rock or strong as a bear.


The popularity of Art has been slow to grow. Art was not in the 100 most popular boy’s names for 2013 in Scotland.

Famous People Called Art

Famous people with the name Art include: Art Garfunkel (American musician), Art Linkletter (American TV and radio personality), Art Carney (American actor), Art Buchwald (American journalist), Art Ross (Canadian hockey player) and Art Houtteman (American baseball player).

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