History of The Armstrong Name

The name Armstrong has an interesting history. It’s origins are from Cumberland, between the border region of Scotland and England, and it came into being about 1237. The Armstrong meaning is from a Middle English reference to someone in battle,who was strong of arm. It is said to have come about because a strong armed man lifted a king from his slain horse onto his own horse in the course of battle during the 11th century. The rescuer was given the name Sir Strong Arm, which became Armstrong.

The Armstrong Clan is a huge group and have formal gatherings every second year in the summer in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The Armstrong Clan has grown in numbers, and have their own blue/green tartan accented with red lines.The Armstrong motto is “Invictus maneo”. This means “I remain unvanqished”. Presently,there is no Clan chieftain,and the many Armstrong’s are found all around the world.


The name Armstrong was not in the top 100 Scottish baby boys’ names (2012).


Famous People Called Armstrong

Some of the most famous are Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon, and Lance Armstrong, the well known cyclist. It is a name that inspires pride and daring.

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