A Modern Archibald

The name Archie is actually shortened for Archibald. Archibald is a modern Scottish and English form of Ercanbald.

This means bold, bald and genuine. According to some of the current stats from the government, the name Archie was actually one of the most popular baby boys names (21st most popular baby boys’ name). This was in the year 2015.

Archie is meant to reflect and signify solidity and strength of one’s Christian faith. This name is quite popular in Scotland as well as in England.

However, this name is not within the high 1000 choices in the United States. This is not necessarily considered to be a top fashionable name, by most people.

A few Famous Archie’s

There are some famous television characters named Archie along with a very famous cartoon character which are well-known among many. It may interest you to know of some real famous people also have the name Archie. The following are included on the “famous Archie” list:

  • ¬†Archie Moore; he was a famous American professional boxer
  • Archie Shepp; This man is an African-American jazz saxophonist and is considered to be quite prominent.
  • Archie Bradley; This famous Archie is an American baseball pitcher. He was a professional pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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