Meaning and Origin of Angus

The masculine name of Angus is the English, from the Scotch-Irish Gaelic name Aonghas, meaning “choice” and “one”. In Irish format, the name is Aengus. The meaning of Angus is derived from Celtic components, meaning “one”, and “choice”.

The Scottish form is Angie, with a hard “g” sound, while a shorter version is Gus. Angusina is the feminised version. The origins of forms of this name, per Alex Woolf, historian, are all from the Celtic form, “Oinogustos”.

In the Celtic myths, the god of virility and love was known as Aonghus. The name Angus has been in Scottish usage before the 300 BC. The Irish and English have also used the name, but contemporary usage is more associated with the Scots version. The turn of the twentieth century was a time when the first name of Angus was most in vogue, although it is still commonly heard today.

Popularity of the Name

  • The baby boy’s name Angus is the 73rd most widely given name, per 2012 Scottish Government Statistics.

Famous people called Angus

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