Scottish Name Andy

Although the origins of Andy are not from Scotland we’ve classified Andy as Scottish because of its wide spread use in the country.

Origin and Meaning

The name Andy [An-Dee] is a common derivative of the masculine Andrew, of both Greek and English origins. Meanings associated with Andy include “manly”, “courageous”, “strong”, and “warrior.”

Variations of the name Andy:

• Andrew (English)
• Andrea (Italian)
• Andres (Estonian)
• Andre (French)

Traits often associated with those named Andy:

• Wealthy
• Achiever
• Powerful
• Problem-solver
• Authoritative

Popularity of the Name

While Andy as a standalone first name didn’t manage to crack the Top 100 most favorite baby names in Scotland in 2012, it does make it a more unique choice that could stand out amid the slew of more popular names that are traditionally chosen in any given year or decade.

Famous Andy’s around the world include Andy Warhol (American artist), Andy Carroll (English striker), Andy Lee (Australian comedian), Andy Samberg (American actor), Andy Griffith (American actor), Andy Serkis (British actor), Andy Van Hellemond (Canadian hockey player), and Andy McNab (English novelist).

Literary references to the name Andy include Andy Capp, the cartoon character created by Reg Smythe, a British cartoonist, Andy and His Yellow Frisbee by Mary Thompson, and Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty, the reinvention of the famed story of Androcles and the Lion.

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