Popularity and Meaning of the Name Alistair

The Scottish name of Alistair has proven to be a popular one over the years. It is currently listed as the 114th most popular boy’s name in Scotland, as of 2012 (Scottish Government Statistics). The meaning of Alistair is simple, as it originated as a Gaelic take on the Greek name of Alexander. It has been in use as a name in Scotland for centuries, but it has become increasingly used in the English speaking world over the past couple decades.

Though the name Alistair has foreign origins, it does have its own roots in Scottish communities. It forms the root name of many different Scottish Clans, including the prominent MacAlister family lineage. The usage of the name can be traced back to the 13th century in the country. Alasdair Mor and Alexander Og were two early and prominent Scots bearing this name.

The usage of the name has persisted over the centuries and continues to be used up to this day. There are many living people throughout the world that bear this name or some direct variant of it. Alistair McGowen and Alistair Darling are two prominent people who have this name.

Variations on the Name

Other common spellings of the name may include Alasdair and Alastair.

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