The Scottish View on Alick

The name Alick does have a Scottish twist and meaning. Alick actually originated from the Scottish culture. The following terms are included within the Scottish view of this name:

  • man’s defender
  • warrior

The Overall Popularity of Alick

Alick was not a popular or common name given to a baby boy in the year 2015. This name was not listed in the top 1000 Scottish boys’ names in the year 2015.

There is actually a family of boys names which are associated or related to the name Alick. The name Alexander is amongst this family. The family member Alexander was actually very popular in the same year.

The Meaning of Alick

Alick is a variant of the name Aleck. It originates from the name Alexander. This is typically a name given to a baby boy. The traits of someone with this name includes some of the following descriptive adjectives:

  • ¬†powerful
  • complete
  • courageous
  • inquisitive

Famous People with the Name Alick

The following famous people are named Alick. These are a sample of famous individuals with this distinguished name. They include:

  • Alick Buchanan-Smith; This famous Alick was a politician. 1932-1991. He was a British Member of Parliament. This was British Conservative.
  • Alick Bryant; he was the youngest Australian soldier ever to serve during the First World War. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force when he was 13 years old. 1903-1985.
  • Alick Glennie; he is a computer scientist. He developed Autocode as system that has been regarded as the 1st computer compiler and worked with the code breaker Alan Turing. 1925-2003.

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