All about the name Alec

In Scottish Alec is derived form the name Alexander. Alec also means; “defender of mankind”. The name Alec can also be a nick name of Alexander.

Popularity of the Name

Alec is not in the most common baby names in Scotland at the moment. In 2012, Scottish Government stats placed Alec in the 819th position for the most popular male baby name.

Famous People Called Alec

Their are a lot of famous men name Alec for example; Alec Soth, Alec R. Costandinos, Alec Baldwin, Alec Shelbrooke, Alec Musser, Alec Reed, Alec Empire, and etc. Alec Empire- is an American photographer. Alec R. Costandinos- is a French singer from the 70‘s. Alec Baldwin- is a American actor. Alec Shelbrooke- is a British Conservative Party Politician. Alec Musser- is an American fitness model and a actor. Alec Reed- founder of Reed Executive Plc. which is the largest business in the U.K. Alec Empire- is a German Musician.

Profiling the Name

People with the name Alec have a inner desire for a loving family or community and want to work with others plus they want to be appreciated all the time. Another thing about people named Alec is they tend to be creative and very good at expressing themselves. They love the arts and they really love to enjoy life a lot. Also people named Alec love to be the centre of attention therefore they love to have careers that will help them with that. Lastly, they are involved in a lot of activities and are reckless with their energies and their money.

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