Ainsley- Origin and Meaning

In Scotland the name Ainsley which is pronounced (AYNS-lee) is a popular surname or last name. The surname comes from a very powerful and established family that borders the Scottish land. The Gaelic origin of the name goes back to the 11th century where it is derived from the old English words meaning “ones own meadow”.

Popularity of the Name

Ainsley is considered to be more of a masculine name, but in recent years the popularity of this name has grown amongst the girl population. Ainsley has grown popular by celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott as well as a female character on the tv show west wing.In Scotland the name is popular among little boys but in the United States the name does not even get on the popularity charts for boys names, however, it does make the charts for girls names. The name Ainsley has only increasingly become popular for girls since 2001, but has remained a consistent choice as a boy’s name in Britain.

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